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ProfEd Questions 3

Professional Education Part 3

1. Which group of philosophers maintain that truth exists in an objective order that is independent of the knower?
a. Idealists
b. Pragmatists
c. Existentialists
d. Realists

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ProfEd Questions 2

Professional Education Part 2

1. As a teacher, what do you do when you engage yourself in major task analysis?
a. Test if the learning reached higher level thinking skills.
b. Breakdown a complex task into sub-skills.
c. Determine the level of thinking involved.
d. Revise lesson objectives.

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ProfEd Questions 1

Professional Education Part 1

1. Who among the following needs less verbal counseling but needs more concrete and operational forms of assistance? The child who ______________.
a. has mental retardation
b. has attention-deficit disorder
c. has learning disability
d. has conduct disorder

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