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Review Materials

Here are some review materials shared via the Facebook page Teachers in Ph.  Those interested may join the group here.

This post will cover laws regarding education and teachers.

Prof. Ed. Questions 4

**The following questions were as shared in the LET Review Group in Facebook.**

1. Honesty remains a value even if nobody in an organization values it. This pronouncement comes from the mouth of a (an) ___________.
a. Pragmatist
b. Idealist
c. Reconstructionist
d. Progressivist

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ProfEd Questions 3

Professional Education Part 3

1. Which group of philosophers maintain that truth exists in an objective order that is independent of the knower?
a. Idealists
b. Pragmatists
c. Existentialists
d. Realists

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ProfEd Questions 2

Professional Education Part 2

1. As a teacher, what do you do when you engage yourself in major task analysis?
a. Test if the learning reached higher level thinking skills.
b. Breakdown a complex task into sub-skills.
c. Determine the level of thinking involved.
d. Revise lesson objectives.

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ProfEd Questions 1

Professional Education Part 1

1. Who among the following needs less verbal counseling but needs more concrete and operational forms of assistance? The child who ______________.
a. has mental retardation
b. has attention-deficit disorder
c. has learning disability
d. has conduct disorder

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